The jungle is vast, chaotic, and bathed in mostly low light levels. All of these factors make getting photos a difficult task.

Authors image

I’d like to share something about ayahuasca that few talk about.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Allowing it to happen was all I needed to do.

Image from Free-Photos on Pixabay

I wasn’t prepared for the panicky presence of grief

Image from Pixabay

A look at some comments I received when I stated that male photographers have more access, safety, and opportunities in photography.

Authors photo — sunsets always make good photos, no matter what gender you are

How to Take Photos that Make People Feel Something

Authors own photo

You should try it sometime

Authors own photo — me and my dog in my grass roof casita

There are three options men have that may be less available to women photographers.

Photo taken by author — I spoke with this man before I took this photo, but he was unsure of me. He let me take the photo after I gave some money and explained that I’m a photographer. It takes time to gain trust for any photographer, this is especially true for women.

A portrait photography project sparked some existential thoughts about what senior women represent in our global culture.

Photo by author — taken in Guanajuato, Mexico

A photo-essay of my meeting with the leader of the Kantanzama Arhuaco community near the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Colombia.

Photo by author — Mamo Camilo, a black and white portrait.

G. M. Michele

Writer, traveler, and photographer. Canadian living in Colombia. Moved by magic, daily life, and the beautiful and heartbreaking balance of dark versus light.

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